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Ahepa Acropolis Chapter 39 of Haverhill, MA
         Our Chapter Activities

   Annual Man of the Year Award
        Several Scholarships

     Annual Holiday Christmas
    Baskets for the Elderly and
                     Shut Ins

       Annual Greek American
            Golf Tournament
John Katsaros
Author of
" Code Burgundy"
To purchase his book or to inquire about hearing his presentation live,
contact him at

His story told in a 312 page illustrated paperback is available for purchase

copyright Ahepa Acropolis Chapter 39 2009 - 2014

The Daughters of Penelope is the women's affiliate organization of the AHEPA Family with headquarters in Washington, D.C. Founded in 1929, in San Francisco contact us at
for information on the local chapter
If you are interested in joining Ahepa or the Daughters, please contact us.

Chapter member Chris P. records a greek music CD.

Chris on the drums and his  cousin Achilleas a well known local bouzouki player also known throughout the Northeast, Washington DC. and Virginia area. recorded the album.

Their group travels and plays at many church festivals
and dances, playing the
best dancing music !

For information on purchasing this CD contact  Archie at
We highly endorse them !
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tournament pictures
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Jim Antonopoulos
at Pentucket Disposal
with any residential and commercial disposal needs
at Tel: 978 - 360 - 7472
Chris Papaefthemiou
at Sam's Painting for all your residential, commercial
painting needs
Tel; 978 - 618 - 9152
Our chapter members provide
the very best in services, so why not call them ?
Brian Brooks at
Brian Brooks Family Hair Stylist
978 - 372 - 7070
Looking for a T Shirt           to wear ?

How about our Ahepa T Shirt ?
40 Buttonwoods Ave, Haverhill, MA.
PRIVATE DETECTIVE           for Hire

978 - 771 - 7937

and always

Need a Lawyer ?

Ted Xenakis
Xenakis Law Office
25 Kenoza Ave.
Haverhill, MA 01830
Tel:  978-374 - 0332
Fax: 978-373 - 03086
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The Prize
Music by Yanni
Chevalier Legion of   Honor Recipient
   Ahepan Brother
John Katsaros
shown here receiving Frances highest civilian award from the French Consul General of Boston in Haverhil, Ma on September 6th, 2011
Join Ahepa
today if for nothing
else to make sure that your son or daughter
has a chance for scholarships

A family member must be a member of the ahepa family to be eligible for a scholarship worth anywhere from $100 up to and including several thousand dollars
Celebrating our 90th year as a chapter
56 Baskets delivered
in 2014
Since 2004 we have given out 31 scholarships
that total
over $12,450

Join today
Our tournament results in donations
to charities such as the
Wounded Warrier Project
Northern Essex Elder Transport
Somebody Cares New England
Childrens Hospital of Dartmouth, NH
Philoxenia House of Boston
and several more, as well as
several scholarships.

Listen to a one minute clip, hit on the play button control below !
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Thanks again to all Golfers
We hope you enjoyed
the day !

Eight Scholarships were awarded recently as a result of the golf tournament held
in June.


Zachary Brown
Alexandra Andrews
Andrew Sialatis
Alex Connors
Andrew Connors

Aspasia Filiogiannis
Dimitra Sofronas
Christina Lambropoulos
Somebody Cares New England is just one of many who benefited from the tournament this year.

We are a recognized 501 c 3 (10) charity
to Freemont House
of Pizza
and the staff  to the right  and below who provided the food and service.
Ahepan Brother Gary V  helping serve Ahepa 39 Apartment residents
at a cookout.
When we meet it is only for 1 hour once a month from 7 pm to 8 pm on the second Tuesday of each month, with


We collect dues once a year and each member receives a membership card from National Ahepa
Our chapter members have been very busy this year, having fun and getting things done. Without their support, we could not have done all the things we did this year !

James Tzitzon, President
In addition to the chapter, we have our
Ahepa Haverhill Foundation and also
Ahepa 39 Inc. Owner Corporation

The last two entities were established by previous chapter members out of need, and now it is up to us to continue these entities.
On December 4, 2014, we celebrated two major events as a chapter.

The first was a celebration of this chapters 90th year, and the second was the updating of the ahepa room, where we added a new office, painted walls, added a large 60 inch television, and began a new era.
Pictured below is Brother John Katsaros one
of three remaining older members cutting the first piece of cake. Without John and the other remaining
older members our continued success would not
have been possible.
As you enter the room     Looking from the rear
90th Anniversary

Coming Soon
Space available
Next Meeting January 14th, 2015 at 7pm
The chapter welcomes all new members

Welcome aboard