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Ahepa Acropolis Chapter 39 
              Our Chapter Activities include

             Annual Man of the Year Award
                 Chapter College Scholarships
         Annual Holiday Christmas Baskets 
              for the Elderly and Shut Ins
     Annual Greek American Golf Tournament
John Katsaros 
Author of
" Code Burgundy"
A WWII Veteran/POW
copyright Ahepa Acropolis Chapter 39 2009 - 2021

The Daughters of Penelope is the women's affiliate organization of the AHEPA Family with headquarters in Washington, D.C. Founded in 1929 in
 San Francisco contact us at
for information on the local chapter
If you are interested in joining Ahepa or the Daughters, please contact us at
Chapter member Chris P. records a greek music CD.

Chris on the drums 
and his cousin Achilleas a well known local bouzouki player known throughout the Northeast, Washington DC. and Virginia area recorded the album.

Their group travels and plays at many church festivals 
and dances, always playing the best dancing music ! 

For information on purchasing this CD contact  Archie at
Year 2021 
Golf Tournament

Press this button to view pictures for the 2021 
Golf Tournament
Chris Papaefthemiou 
"Semi Retired" 
at Sam's Painting for all your residential, commercial 
painting needs
Tel; 978 - 618 - 9152
Our chapter members provide
 the very best in services, so why not call them ?
Brian Brooks at
Brian Brooks Family Hair Stylist
978 - 372 - 7070
40 Buttonwoods Ave. 3rd fl , Haverhill, MA. 01830
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Music by the Trio
Join Ahepa 
today if for nothing else than to make sure, that 
your son or daughter has a chance
 for scholarships.

Our scholarship applications are for review. Notification to the winner(s) on August 1st. 

Still time to join !

We have a lot of fun and usually have quick meetings. You should try us...

There isn't anything good on TV, and it is always good to meet, sit and talk 
with other members.
A total of 50 Baskets delivered in 2020

 Thats total of over 550 
since 2007 when we started this effort.

Thanks to those members who 
support this effort.
updated 1-14-21 
Since 2004 we have given out 75 scholarships that total over $54,700.00 as of 2019

Listen to a one minute clip, hit on the play button control below !
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We are a recognized 501 c 3 (10) charity and can accept donations
View a brief video, our salute to those who came before us. There were many brothers who made the chapter what it is today. 

We could not name them all here ! 


Vanessa Leavitt
Alicia Leavitt
Nicholas Currier
Daniel Brown
Angela Patriakeas
Tyra Papaefthemiou
Petros Filogiannis
Dennis Dagoumas
Alexander Vlachos
Samuel Rizos

 Petros Filogiannis
Vanessa Leavitt
Alicia Leavitt
Daniel Brown
Damon DiBurro
Angela Patriakeas
Dennis Dagoumas
Julianne Xenakis
Samuel Rizos
Sarah Rizos

Alicia Leavitt
Daniel Brown
Michael Xenakis
Julianne Xenakis
Dennis Dagoumas
Angela Patriakeas
Yianna Rhodes
Sarah Rizos
Kevin Regan
Angela Antonopoulos

Alicia Leavitt
Angela Patriakeas
Zachary Brown
Lauren Aravohites
Daniel Brown
Sarah Rizos
Catherine Xenakis
AHEPA-Haverhill Foundation, Inc. makes donations to area organizations. 

The Foundation continues to present grants to organizations, continuing a tradition started
  in 1999.
Only local area organizations 
will be considered.

File period opens
Nov 1st. thru March 1st. 

AHEPA-Haverhill Foundation, Inc.
c/o 40 Buttonwoods Ave 3rd fl
Haverhill, MA 01830

Attention of;
David L. Currier,
Foundation President

All letters must include a EIN # and be on official letterhead, with clear and valid email and other contact information. They must also contain a brief description of 
the need.

Letters accepted only  between 
November 1st through 
March 1 st and
 must be mailed.

All request are confirmed via Guidestar and the IRS 
for 501 C (3) status
Officers - 2021

Congrats to
another Brother AHEPAN Phil Brown who authored a book called

Greeks of the 
Merrimack Valley

Anyone seeking more information contact us:

Next book up

Veterans of 
Greater Haverhill

AHEPA 39 Inc. Founders,
below and below that is 
the first property manager 
and his staff
  Our Basket
 Watch for another Ahepan Chapter Member advertisement coming soon
Ahepa 39 Inc. the Owner Corporation of the 
Ahepa 39 Apartments located in Haverhill, is please to 
announce that the building continues to pass all mandated inspections.

It is a HUD approved Elderly Housing Complex run by the 
Ahepa Management Company (AMC) and Owned by Ahepa 39 Inc.
Never Forget
We are NOT accepting letters at this time.
Follow the requirements listed to the left please !
Any letter rec'd NOT containing the required info will NOT be reviewed.

Filing deadline is over !
Great breakfast 

 Mark's Deli, 
2 Railroad Square
Haverhill, MA 01832
 to learn more about AHEPA
Recently, we help fund and effort to provide knitted helmet liners for the military. We are happy to report that over 425 were knitted and presented to military personnel  to date !
 Haverhill, MA
We deliiver !
Haverhill only

Please  mail or email your completed application to the addresses to the left.
Remembering those past and present chapter members who proudly served in the military in defense of our country.
Members please "STAY IN TOUCH"
Next meeting is Nov 9th at 7 pm
Ari's Pizza and Subs 
402 South Main Street
Haverhill, MA 01835
Tel: 978 -  521 -1470
"We Deliver"
Please view all our pages within this web site and if you have any questions reach out to us via
Honoring our Ahepan Brother Veteran's and All
Brother John 1- 9 - 2021
 For a complete review of the Order of Ahepa, please see the;

History of Ahepa Web site 
Our chapter has been 
around since January 25, 1924

One does not need to be 
Greek to join.

Contact us by email (see left of page) to ask a question.
  See Registration Flyer above
Congratulations to our 2020 Grant Recipients :
Top left / right 
Merrimac Heights Academy and the 
American Legion Post 248
Bottom left / right
 Somebody Cares New England
and The Haverhill, MA Viet Nam Memorial Commission and WHAV

To better view pictures place cursor on each and hit enter
This space available, contact us at 

 for more details
WHAV picture pending 
Grant monies are provided through the  AHEPA NATIONAL HOUSING  CORPORATION 
grant program, and given back to our foundation to be given out in the community.
 Added information 
  on each recipient
Shown here on right are Chrisitine Gifford, 
Felicia Antonopoulos and Elaine Tzitzon, together they assisted with the basket effort. 
A special THANKS also to John Gifford
for your generous donation to our effort.
A very special THANKS to the Golf Chair  Brother Charlie and his committee for a 
Scroll down to the green button to access pictures
2021 Grant period opens Nov 1st, 2021 see info left
All members receive two
 inside peel and stick
 3 inch window decals